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The Loafer is an ideal accessory to compliment all your ensembles. It is handcrafted entirely in suede leather and features the Nubuck finish leather sole with leather welting to give your strolls a ductile grip. It is skillfully lined with leather that brings a unique sophistication to its contemporary design. There is a thick stitch detail on the upper for enhancing the appearance.

Material: Upper- Suede Leather , Lining+Socks- Leather, Sole- Leather

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Care Instructions


  • Firstly, do not use water. It will ruin your shoes. It can change its color and make it less supple and weaker by removing its natural oils.
  • Handle your suede shoes gently, lightly brushing or rubbing with a firm brush or dry microfiber cloth to get the dirt off. Suede shoes should not be rubbed or polished like leather ones.
  • To fine-tune your cleaning, use an eraser or a clean toothbrush to gently loosen any stubborn dirt.
  • After cleaning the shoes, use a natural color (no color) spray to give some shine and improve naps of the shoes.

    The General advice is to clean your suede shoes about once a month to prevent build-up of scuffs and dirt. But naturally, that depends on how often you wear them.


  • An often ignored part but one that is very important since it comes in direct contact with your feet even if only through socks are the insides of your shoes. A lot of salts get deposited and it is important to air the shoe. If the shoe has a removable insocks layer or a foot bed, we recommend removing the layer and popping up your shoes against the wall so the air can pass from the inside to the outsole easily. This should definitely be done every time the soles come in contact with excessive amount of water such as during rains or walking in a wet area.
  • Using a brush, first remove any dirt, grime or foreign objects from the sole edge and bottom. If required, use the soap lather(Do not use soap directly) to clean the rigid stains on the sole edges.
  • Use an old toothbrush to get to the difficult areas between the upper and the sole.
  • And finally, do use a shoe tree to maintain the shape of the shoe. Also while it is okay to wear your leather shoes daily, it is recommended to let the shoes breathe a day and work a day. Our solution to this is to own a brown and black pair at-least if you want to wear leather shoes every day. We know we do!
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