Inspired by the steamer trunks used in sea voyages, these Trunks offer you nostalgia in various contemporary styles.

Available in a range of polished colours, our Trunks are a perfect storage solution for home as well as travel

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Westgarth Mini Trunk

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Westgarth Pro Trunk


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Since the beginning of time, humans have looked for ways to transport their possessions from one place to the next. During those pre-medieval times, steamer trunks really gained momentum and were witnessed to have been ocean-going vessels for carrying personal belongings. Seeking inspiration from those pretty ... opulent-designed steamer trunks, we, at Nappa Dori have created myriads of intricately designed metal storage trunks by interpreting and adapting the changing styles. Designed with an intricate finish, we have brought to life a wide range of archaic trunks and offer collections so distinct. Presenting a fusion of past and present, we possess an enviable variety of very elegant trunks curated in sheet metal and powder coated in different colours, with genuine leather straps and details that ultimately pays off in terms of quality and durability over time.
In addition to being durable and resistant to water and dirt, the high-quality leather utilized gives a polished and sophisticated look to the trunk box.

Being a pursuit of details that make a style unique with high standards and excellence, we offer a ubiquitous range of trunks that are available in a plethora of colours.
Carefully handmade by our artisans with their expertise and artistic skills, our luggage trunks are made with extreme care and attention to detail.
As a result of remarkable quality, craftsmanship, innovation, beauty, and originality, our trunks literally live with you every experience and every sign of the time which will give them even more character.
Curated with the most beautiful, rare, and sought-after designs, our trunk box can become a great storage companion at your place as well as complement your style if carried along.

Being an impeccable combination of great practicality and uniqueness, our sophisticated extensive range includes trunks that are anything but ordinary.
In a league of our own in terms of premium quality and luxury, exclusivity and style, we possess a multitude of trunk options that embody perfection and are worth more as an investment and statement piece.
While these trunks are a pure luxury contained in a sharp yet elegant silhouette, they can be a valuable addition to the aesthetic appeal of the decor. Both beautiful and functional, our beautifully crafted unique trunks incorporate capacity as well as versatility inspired by modern living.
One of the most popular storage must-haves which invigorate your living spaces, these large metal storage trunks are created in such a formulaic manner that allows preserving keepsakes in an effective manner.
Over the years, we have found these storage trunks prized in eclectic spaces which accede to the status of icon, and our brilliance and timeless work.

Due to our creativity of design and metal workmanship, our assortment includes classic and steamer mini trunks, Westgarth, vanity cases and dean backpacks, etc.
Amongst these, Westgarth stands out due to being clothed in heavy grain canvas while other available choices of our trunks are swathed in premium quality leather details.
Due to their possession of a perfect balance of utility and beauty, our travel trunks are popularly known for carrying their contents securely.
Designed to cater to a traveller from head to toe, these trunks can be carried with precious possessions stored while embarking on a travel journey.
Add beauty and functionality to your adventure with these cultural icons offered in an attentively selected unique variety.

When shopping for storage trunks, one needs to be quite fastidious about the superior durability and capacity along with the awe-inspiring, artistic beauty it has to offer.
With our ever-evolving selection of trunks, we make sure that we are always in sync with the current time and trends. Not bound by a change, but embodying it day after day to cater to the client's needs.
To offer an impactful experience to our clients, we also have a quality-oriented and dedicated team of personnel ensuring flawless products are being delivered to all destinations all over the world.
In case of any queries, there is immediate assistance online wherein one can enquire within the website with a prompt response from customer care.
Since we offer an unrivalled product range along with a seamless specifying and shopping experience, our trunks for travel have become a most common preference amongst travellers not just in UAE but across the world.
After all, it is a timeless addition to both business and travel ensembles for hauling all of your belongings. Similarly, we have also been making a statement with our ultimate storage solutions for living spaces and our storage trunks have become a secure investment for countless.
In both cases, our contemporary and unique trunks are perfect to complement your purpose.

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